Freedom from Addiction

This entry level program will give you a positive start on your road to recovery! It can open the doors to why you became addicted in the first place, and will offer you the opportunity of getting and staying well.
This program will really start your journey of recovery on a positive note, with the time to resolve some of the deeper issues that have enabled you to become addicted in the first place. Join us, and come and do the work.
This is our optimal program for people that have been addicted for 12 months or more. This will give you the time to spend working on the deeper issues and trauma that has affected your life, and enabled your addiction.
Come along to our free family meetings

These meetings are for the Families of the addicts, and can really help you to cope. Bookings essential.

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Come along to our free pre rehab meetings

These meetings will help you decide if rehabilitation is for you. Hear some of our previous clients speak about their journey. Booking essential.

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Read what our clients have to say

Testimonials written by both clients and people that we work with about our services

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Visible Recovery offers treatment for all addictions, including Food addictions (Bulimia and Anorexia), gambling, sex & love, co-dependency, as well as drugs and alcohol.


**No more admissions until January 6th 2020, feel free to call**

30 Day Programs now available (click this text)

Call us now on (08) 8223 6486 to book a free assessment.

Free family meetings (for the families and loved ones of addicts, designed to help you understand addiction, and what to do) run at the end of every month. Click here to see when our next one is on…

The Australian Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) are now funding approved members nationally into our residential treatment programs. We welcome DVA member enquiries here, and are proud to be of service. Please call for a free assessment appointment today!

Visible Recovery - Addiction Treatment Programs

Free Family Night

A monthly meeting for families of the addicts to learn about how to cope. Bookings essential.

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12 Week Addiction Recovery Program

Treatment packages

A solid and full program of recovery that allows you the time needed to change. If you do what we suggest, you will not only get clean, you will stay clean.

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6 Month Addiction Rehabilitation

Gambling & Sex and Love Addiction

Visible Recovery have just extended our treatement options to include gambling, sex and love addiction and codependency. Our therapy team are very skilled and experienced in these types of behavioural addictions.

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Help

Initial Assessment

Book an assessment free of charge and come and have a look around. Talk to us about your requirements

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