Rehab Program in Adelaide 

28 Days to Recovery

You may have heard before about 28-day rehab programs. Some of the world’s most exclusive recovery centres use 28-day programs because these have such an impressive success rate.

You may even have seen 28-day programs referenced in films, and you may well have read about celebrities who have recovered by completing a 28-day rehab program.

Is this for me?

I want to be truthful upfront and let you know that this is an intense program.

What the films and magazines don’t show you is the true hard work and dedication that each client goes through to earn their recovery.

Visible Recovery’s 28 Days to Recovery program is about being honest with yourself and facing up to some harsh truths. It’s about being open to learning new ways and implementing them in your life.

  • Do you feel you are dedicated to recovering?
  • Do you feel you have truly had enough of your life being stolen from you?

If so, then our 28 Days to Recovery program may be just right for you.

You are not alone

I said the program is tough and I meant it, but you don’t have to do this alone.

The Visible Recovery team is there to guide you through each step of the process.

We know what it’s like because some of us have been where you are right now, and it sucks. The 28 Days to Recovery team is clinically and psychologically qualified so you are assured competence in service delivery, and warmth from people who care and understand.

Who does it suit?

There is an invisible line that gets crossed where alcohol goes from being rather nice to being something that causes nothing but pain.

Everybody’s line is different. For some, it’s binge-drinking and then promising never to do it again. For others, it may be drinking at night and feeling ill at work all day. For others still, the drinking can get so chaotic that life becomes unbearable.

If you complete our 28 Days to Recovery program, you will be clean and sober, and you will have a program in place to stay that way.


Dependence on drugs can come in many forms, from prescribed medication through cannabis and recreational drugs, right up to hard drugs.

If you complete the 28 Days to Recovery program, you will be addiction-free and have an evidence-based abstinence program in place to stay that way.

Why not download the 28 Days to Recovery overview, where our entire program is laid out in detail?