Simon-Bowen Visible Recovery CEO

Hi, I'm Simon Bowen

I own and run Visible Recovery and this means you get accountability, because, "the buck stops with me".

I know, first-hand, the destruction that drugs and alcohol cause because I have been there.

I found my own recovery many years ago, and ever since, I have made it my life’s work to do something to help others.

Visible Recovery is different because it is based on a shared philosophy.

Recovery Expereince

My experience spans over a decade of service to people struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. I have seen hundreds of men and woman find recovery, but sadly, I have also seen many fail and some even die. To me, recovery is about saving lives.

I started as a recovery coach in a UK rehab and worked my way up to being general manager of the residential rehabilitation house.

I was then offered employment by one of the UK’s largest recovery rehabs to head up their admissions teams across several UK counties. During this time, I managed counselling teams, medical personnel and care planning for detox and rehab patients.

I came home to Australia in 2011 to take up the roll of Director for drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme of Workskill, a job service provider in Adelaide.

BUT... I wanted to make a bigger difference.

I raised over $200,000.00 to transform a derelict residence into a into a purpose built recovery rehabilitation centre and in January 2014 Visible Recovery was born.

Play this video to hear my story

Visible Recovery is special

I have handpicked therapeutic staff and counsellors that not only have the right competence to work with alcohol and addiction, but who are also warm and understanding.

My support workers are all in long term recovery and they do what they do because they share the commitment to helping others recover.

I have visited some of the world’s top rehabs to in my commitment to find what works best and I have implemented the best of my learning into the Visible Recovery programme.

Visible Recovery is not just a job for me, it is a way of life.

I am passionate about recovery, and eat sleep and breathe it. I have honed my skill sets in this field over many years, and have a lot of experience both in my own personal recovery from my addictions (clean and sober since November 29, 2003), and in my body of work in this field.

If you do decide to come to Visible Recovery then I look forward to meeting you in person.

Got Questions?

I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you on the phone.

There is no charge for this and I will answer any questions you may have.

Having a chat does not mean you are committing to anything, it is a no-obligation service I offer.


My experience in the recovery field means I am sometimes asked to speak as an authority.

I have been asked to appear on the TV program “Today Tonight” several times as an authority on addiction and conducted several live to air interviews with Roo and Ditts on Adelaide’s 5MMM breakfast radio show.

I have been interviewed on PBA FM, a public radio station in the northern suburbs. I have spoken at several Ice Forums across the state about addiction and recovery. We have recently been asked to be the subject of a story on the ABC’s “7:30 Report”, which should go into production shortly.