Addiction Treatment ServicesVisible Recovery (Pty Ltd) was founded in Australia in November 2012 by Managing Director and founder, Simon Bowen 윈도우8 그림판 다운로드. Simon is in his own personal recovery from addictions to alcohol and a raft of drugs, including intravenous heroin, methadone, cocaine, and crack cocaine, as well as ecstasy, cannabis, tobacco and prescription drugs Full download of attachments. He contracted Hepatitis B in 1984 and Hepatitis C in 1987. Simon has been treated for his Hepatitis C successfully on a Pegalated Interferon treatment program whilst in the UK, and has been clean and sober continuously since 2003 성경 듣기 다운로드.

“After working in one of the largest alcohol and drug treatment facilities in the UK with some 300 beds nationwide, and having opened a rehabilitation service for another company in Australia since arriving back here in 2011, I decided that I needed to run my own company in this field to give it the attention and care that it truly deserves Baidu Mobile Download. I want to show that abstinent recovery from addiction is not only possible, but reality, and that you can have a wonderful life without the need to use or feel like using hanyoung dictionary. I wanted to set up a company with a smaller and more personalised service for clients so that we could really get to know you and help each individual as an individual.”

All of the counselling team at Visible Recovery are experienced counsellors, in their own personal and abstinent recovery for 5 years or more, and all of our support workers have a minimum 2 years of clean time as well Seoul Typeface. In this way, you will be dealing with an organisation of people that have had to do the same thing that you will be doing, and leading by example. They are all walking the walk, and not just talking the talk… 삼국지 6 다운로드.

This is a program of change. It isn’t going to be easy, but it can be done if you work at it one day at a time. From the day you join us, your recovery will be our primary focus, to empower you with the tools and ongoing support that you will need to get you through once you leave input type file 다운로드. While you are with us, there will be a raft of activities and complimentary therapies offered for you to get involved in to promote a good clean and healthy start to your recovery bartpe iso.

“Some of this will be tough going. I didn’t get clean overnight. It took me a while to get feeling comfortable without resorting to old habits Stone Block Mode Pack. But I simply didn’t have a choice at the end. I was either going to die or stop using. Thank God I found the 12 step program. It has shown me how to change my life, and stay clean and sober one day at a time.”

Why not let us show you a better way of living?