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I had to add this page in so that people can see what is actually happening out there with addiction and with the recovery movement on recently released film mt developer2. Here are trailers for two “must see” movies, an American release called The Anonymous People, directed by Greg Williams, and one from the UK that is soon the be released here, “A Royal Hangover”, directed by Arthur Cauty, and featuring Russell Brand, Professor David Nutt, and Chip Somers to name a few 좋겠다 mr 다운로드. Both are inspirational movies on addiction and recovery. You can download The Anonymous People from Vimeo 충남대학교 다운로드. I will update any planned release in Australia of “A Royal Hangover” as soon as it hits our shores. This page will be regularly updated with the latest addiction media news silver-haired baby toe.


“Today Tonight” – Dec 12 – Addicted Parents

This is a recording aired in mid-December 2104 concerned with comments that Amanda Blair made in “The Advertiser” the previous Saturday, that stated that addicts should not be allowed to have children, and should have enforced contraception to prevent the damage that addicts cause to children 무료 클래식 다운로드. Managing Director Simon Bowen was asked to respond to this.




“The Anonymous People” Official Trailer



“A Royal Hangover” Official Trailer