Recovery Services

Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Services

Apart from our core activity of residential rehabilitation at Visible Recovery, we also offer a range of other affiliated services to compliment what we do Infinite Challenge Legends. These include:-

• Family Groups

These meetings are held monthly at the centre, and run for an hour and a half, and offer some guidance for the families of those people either entering or currently in treatment with us at Visible Recovery 새천년 건강체조 다운로드. Addiction is a family illness, and it’s effect is like a stone being thrown into a pond, it ripples out and takes in everything around it. These meetings will help you to crystallise what addiction is, how it works, what drives the addict, and what to do when you have an addict in the family, and how best to help them 제네시스 다운로드.

• Education

Visible Recovery would be happy to organise a visit to your school, college or university to discuss addiction with you, and to offer some education for your students around addiction and what it is Resident Evil3. We would particularly like the opportunity of getting involved with the younger generation either in their later years at primary school in early high school to assist in their understanding of addiction, how to avoid it, and exactly what it means to be addicted to drugs and alcohol, and what happens Terra Ria 1.2 6715 download. These educational meetings run for around 1 1/2 hours, and are delivered personally by our Managing Director, Simon Bowen.

• Pre-rehabilitation meetings

Visible Recovery will be running regular “pre rehab” meetings for people that are not quite ready to come into treatment for their addiction, but want to find out more about residential rehabilitation in general, and what it means to go through a 12 week program of treatment Hawaii FiveO. These meetings demystify what happens, and offers the potential client the opportunity to have a presentation on rehabilitation and what we offer, meet with some people currently in treatment with us, and to ask questions about what it would mean for them, and how to go about admission 카니발 홀로코스트 다운로드. Watch this space for updates for time and places, subscribe to our Twitter feed (@visiblerecovery) or visit our Facebook Page for more details 인필트레이터 다운로드.

• Intervention Services

Visible Recovery will soon be starting up Intervention Services as a raft of our services on offer Selenium file. An intervention is an orchestrated attempt by one or many people – usually family and friends – to get someone to seek professional help with an addiction to drugs, alcohol or gambling 천수경 다운로드. Subscribe to our Twitter feed (@visiblerecovery) or visit our Facebook page for more details.

Become a partner @ visible recovery

We would love to get involved with your organisation if you have a service or a product that we could utilise in our residential rehabilitation service. We feature a scrolling feed of preferred partners on the home page of our website for those organisations with whom we have developed a special relationship with who support our business in many different ways. If you would like to become a partner and feature on this slider, please contact me, Simon Bowen, in the first instance at

Addiction Recovery Services
Addiction Recovery