Freedom From Drugs Program


Living with the havoc that drug addiction causes is a nightmare. You find yourself repeating, again and again, a behaviour that causes pain for you and the ones you love.

You may have tried to stop and to change your habits. You have made promises that you truly meant when you made them, but you still find that you end up doing it again.

It makes no sense so you blame yourself, saying, 'I am weak. I have no willpower. I am stupid. I am mad.' You may call yourself even worse things.

There is a solution

First, stop blaming yourself. This is not your fault. You are not weak, mad or stupid.
You are trapped!
There are tens of thousands of men and woman, just like you, who were also trapped by addiction, but today live happy, joyous and free lives without needing to use anything.

Freedom from drug addiction is possible

Moving from drug-induced havoc to the peace of recovery is quite a journey and takes time.
The Visible Recovery Freedom package is a 12-week recovery program that is held at our boutique residence in Adelaide.

Come and stay with us in our beautiful facility opposite the leafy parklands in South Terrace, Adelaide.

The Freedom Package will give you the time to make the changes in your life that will be necessary to maintain your recovery for your future.

You don’t do this alone

  • You will be appointed a primary counsellor to walk you through every step of the Freedom Recovery program.
  • You will have access to one-to-one counselling sessions twice weekly, where you can explore aspects of yourself in confidence with a professional.
  • You will share your journey with other men and woman who also know the havoc of alcohol and who are claiming their lives back through the group therapy sessions.
  • You will be introduced to a model of recovery called the 12-step program, which will show you how to cope with life differently.
  • You will learn about what triggers you and study relapse prevention.
  • You will get 12 weeks of post-residential aftercare treatment FREE so that you have support as you transition back into real life.

Recovery is about living again

Recovery is not just about giving something up; it’s also about living a rich and meaningful life that rekindles your passion and interest in the world.

The Freedom Package includes complementary therapies such as yoga, art therapy and meditation to guide and empower you.

You will enjoy healthy food prepared fresh daily by our expert chefs.

You may choose to work out and make use of our private fitness trainer as part of our link to one of Adelaide’s premier gyms and fitness centres.