Helping a loved one who is trapped


Helping Your Loved One

Seeing someone you care about being held captive by alcohol or drugs is heartbreaking.
You try so hard to be understanding and believe that 'it will all be different this time', only to be disappointed again.

You may have even become part of the secret, finding yourself lying and covering up to protect the family. Addiction to alcohol or any substance becomes something that affects the whole family.

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First, the bad news

No matter how much you wish your loved one would get help, the truth is, they have to want it for themselves. It’s frustrating when you can see the problem and the havoc but they don’t seem to understand or to see it as you do.

Denial is part of being trapped, but sometimes there are moments of clarity; we call these 'windows of opportunity'. This is when your loved one may acknowledge the problem and contemplate getting support.
If your loved one does show signs of being ready to do something about their drinking or drug use, you can help by having the best information to hand.

Now, the good news

If your loved one is ready to stop, there is plenty of help available.

Visible Recovery helps men and woman reclaim their lives by teaching them an evidenced-based abstinence recovery model that works.

Recovery means:

  • Being able to live sober without cravings
  • Getting self-esteem and confidence back
  • Living happily, free from anxiety
  • Being able to refocus on what’s personally important to you, e.g. work, a sport or a hobby
  • Making amends and rebuilding broken relationships with family and friends
  • Experiencing the return of self-worth, and not feeling ashamed when looking in the mirror
  • Having better health and an improved appetite
  • Being able to reach full potential


Simon Bowen, founder and CEO of Visible Recovery, speaks about how alcohol and drugs affect the family

How Visible Recovery can help your loved one

By letting them know they are not alone and by showing them that we truly understand what they are going through

By helping them understand why they keep on doing what they do, and how to break the cycle

By showing them how to key into the natural talents and unique strengths they already have but that get buried by the alcohol or drugs

By teaching them a program of recovery that has been successfully used by hundreds of thousands of people just like them

By equipping them with a toolkit that they can use when they face bumpy times

By providing a free aftercare package to help them get back on their feet after treatment