Intervention Services

Interventions & how to facilitate them – safely and correctly


  • Don’t try this at home on your own!
  • Professional facilitation is essential to good outcomes
  • Pre-intervention meetings arranged
  • Bespoke treatment solutions provided
  • Professional therapeutic intervention guaranteed


If you are having some problems trying to convince a family member or a good friend that they need to get some help with their addictions, then perhaps an intervention would be something that may assist them. Visible Recovery offer addiction intervention services, and it is important that you only facilitate this type of a meeting with the involvement of professionals that know what they are doing. It really can, and does, go very wrong, when family members take this into their own hands, thinking that they’ve seen the series on TV and can do it themselves, and often completely ruin the chances of getting someone desperately needed help. Interventions need to be facilitated by a non family member who is a professional in the field of addictions and group facilitation to enable this to all work out in a positive way. With this approach, we can structure the intervention correctly, avail you of pre-intervention meetings that will facilitate the “what and what not to do” when involved in an intervention, and guide you through the whole process from start to finish. This will then enable the client clear direction and understanding, to get some gravity around their illness, and exactly what options are facing them if they decide to go into treatment, as well as options that have been discussed around what happens if they decide not to engage with treatment. This is all agreed process that is bespoke to every different intervention, and based on client needs for each different person.

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Addiction Intervention Services

 Addiction Intervention