Pre-rehab Meetings

Pre-Rehab Meetings

Visible Recovery are hosting Pre-Rehab meetings once a month for those of you that are in contemplation about entering rehab for your addictions, but want to know more before you commit as art book. This meeting will run for an hour or so, and will feature a presentation on the rehab and its process, and offer you the opportunity to ask questions about what it involves, how it all works, what happens, and how it will affect you 완벽한 타인 1080p 다운로드. There will be a presentation from previous clients, so you can hear exactly how it was for them and what they went through. Highly recommended for those of you that are a little nervous about the whole “getting clean” thing, how that looks and what it means Farmer's Academy. Coffee and Tea provided.

The last meeting for 2019 will be held at the rehab at 307, South Terrace, Adelaide (the Hutt Street end of South Terrace), on Thursday, 28th November at 7:oopm sharp Vocaloid2. Bookings for this event are essential, these meetings are free of charge. Please call on 8223 6486 or email us at to confirm your attendance ableton live.