How Much does Rehab Cost?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Pricing Guide

Asking how much rehab costs is like asking how much a car costs: you can end up getting a range of different prices without knowing what they really mean.

Let's stick with the car analogy for a moment. Different vehicles will suit different needs. A delivery driver needs a van, a family may need a larger car, and some people seek out a fast sports car.

Rehab is similar in that the cost will reflect the needs of the person entering treatment and the value offered by the service provider.

Visible Recovery rehab price

What am I paying for?

The cost of drug or alcohol rehab reflects the program's location, treatment speciality and level of service.

Facilities such as gym access, complementary therapies (e.g. yoga) and comprehensive aftercare support should form part of a good holistic program.

Getting clean and sober is not just about stopping; it is about recovering physically, learning new ways to use your time, and finding yourself again.

We believe that your surroundings during treatment are important to your recovery.

You need to feel comfortable and at ease to be able to explore yourself.

Rehab costs

Many successful rehab services will charge upwards of $50,000 (USD) per treatment episode.
The Kusnacht Practice in Switzerland charges a whopping $243,000 per month, but admittedly you do get your own mansion to enjoy during treatment.

Here at Visible Recovery, our prices reflect the value of the service we deliver. We are not the most expensive rehab service around, but we do not compromise our service to cut costs.

Visible Recovery rehab prices differ depending on the duration of stay and level of care needed. However, I can safely say our prices are significantly lower than the $50,000 mentioned earlier.

Financing rehab

For some, rehab costs may be more expensive than they expected, and finance options then need to be arranged.

Speak to one of our experts, who can advise you on what finance options are available to you.