Aftercare Packages

Aftercare is a mandatory part of your treatment 칠석의 나라 다운로드. Our aftercare package is mandatory for those that join us for any residential program. It allows you the benefit of more counselling after you leave residential treatment, and a weekly aftercare group meeting for 12 months with us after you leave 레드햇 엔터프라이즈 리눅스 다운로드. This has the effect of making you accountable for your recovery and assists you to stay on track with your recovery strategy and plan. It is normally in the first months of leaving residential treatment that people can relapse, this is designed to put a focus on that and to re align you with your plan if things aren’t going quite the way that you thought they would intersection. For me, it was after I left rehab that the real work actually started. This important contact with your rehabilitation facility will ensure that you are able to not only get clean but stay clean too Those people are noting again. This plan includes 8 weeks of a one to one session with your therapist weekly after you leave.

Extra Therapy Option

This option still gives you ongoing aftercare meetings, but will increase the one to one therapy component from once weekly to twice weekly for 8 weeks after you leave us only on WiFi. This option is highly recommended for those that have done much shorter residential phases of treatment, and not had the luxury of the intense therapy offered with the 90 day program Jsp multi-file download. Speak with us directly to bespoke your aftercare program.

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