What to bring to Rehab

What to Bring

It is important that you don’t bring too much stuff with you into treatment. Whilst there is adequate wardrobe and cupboard space here for your belongings, we would advise that you bring the essentials only 08 Namsanche, Seoul. We will not store any excess baggage. A guide would be to pack a bag as if you were to travel overseas or interstate for a while – weighing no more than 20Kgs or so in total would be plenty Download the Android emulator. We reserve the right to search all bags and cases on admission for drugs, alcohol or inappropriate belongings that have been packed.

Towelling, gowns and bedding are all provided and laundered for you 유튜브 애드 블록 다운로드. You will only be responsible for washing your own clothes. Our laundry has washers, dryers, powder, conditioner and ironing facilities for your use, free of charge 웹상의 동영상 다운로드.

We would ask that you all be sensible with what you wear here. This is definitely NOT a club. Bring clothes that are comfortable and sensible. No plunging necklines ladies, or miniskirts telephoto satellite. And for the guys, you won’t be parading around in your tank tops either. This place is all about recovery, so you really do need to be careful and thoughtful about what you pack subversion 다운로드. No alcohol-branded wear at all, no slogan t-shirts, with references to alcohol, drugs or content of an explicit or racist nature will be allowed.

These are things you want to be sure to pack for rehab

• Comfortable everyday clothing, jeans, tees, long –sleeved shirts, sun dresses and shorts, light jacket or sweater during summer months, sweatshirt or warm jacket for winter months
• Everyday hygiene products: toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, deodorant, hair care products, brush and comb, blow dryer, female hygiene products, make-up
• PJ’s, slippers
• Underwear
• Socks and tennis shoes, sandals, gym gear
• Sun glasses, sunscreen, swimsuit cover up, visor or hat
• Pack your bathing suit (a one piece for women, and guys – no Speedos please)
• Picture ID Free Labview. (Driver’s License) Bring your Centrelink number and your Medicare card
• Health Insurance card and prescription benefit card if you have them
• Approved prescription drugs you are currently taking, in their original pharmacy labelled packaging microsoft office 다운로드. Please fill prescriptions prior to admission, and check with the Visible Recovery Admissions Team BEFORE you bring them.
• Spending money which will be securely stored and distributed as deemed necessary

These are things you should leave at home

• Clothes that are revealing, display drug/alcohol or gang related logos, vulgar language or themes, or display derogatory or sexually implicit themes
• Any toiletries or perfumes that contain alcohol (no aftershaves or perfumes & mouthwash MUST be alcohol free)
• Aerosol cans
• Prescription drugs must be in their original pharmacy labelled packaging
• Narcotics, sedatives, and muscle relaxant type drugs are not allowed
• Vitamins, body building or dietary aids, food, beverages, and health food supplements
• Any mode of transportation: cars, bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, skateboards
• Pocket knives or weapons of any kind
• Fictional Novels or magazines of any kind, recovery or personal growth books are OK
• Sexual aids of any description
• Electronics: iPod, CD player, mobile phone, pager, camera, TV, DVD player, video games, recording devices and computers (any mobile phones handed in on admission will be securely stored until you leave us)


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