Detoxification from your substance addiction is a mandatory requirement for admission at Visible Recovery. We will facilitate the necessary provision according to your choice of drug. All drug or alcohol addicted clients will require a mandatory hospital detox prior to admission to any program, no exceptions.

A medically managed detox offers complete safety and comfort as you come off your physical addiction to your drug of choice in a private room in our provider hospital. Private health insurance can be used for payment for your detox whilst in this phase of your treatment with us, you will only pay the excess that you have on your policy for this. If you have no private health insurance, this service is chargeable (Current charges are $1,000.00 per day including GST effective 1st July 2019). We will visit and call you whilst you are in hospital to keep a check on how you are going, and will collect you and bring you in to Visible Recovery to commence your rehabilitation the day of discharge. This ensures a seamless door to door transition that eliminates any other issues.

**** We will only offer detox to those clients coming in for a treatment package at Visible Recovery. We do not offer just detox on its own. Detox funded by either private health insurance or self funded now attracts a $1,600.00 (including GST) admission/prescribing doctor fee for the first 7 days on top of the daily fee for detox. If the detox is longer than 7 days we charge $1,000.00  per day (including GST) after that. We charge a minimum $1,600.00 cancellation fee for anyone who self discharges from any detox. We will only make detox or admission arrangements AFTER cleared funds for your program are available in our account. Terms and Conditions of treatment are deemed to be accepted after we receive cleared funds for payment for any program. ALL DETOXES MUST BE SECURED BY A CREDIT CARD PRIOR TO ADMISSION TO COVER ANY POTENTIAL WALK OUT FEES.****

Please speak with us about your specific requirements by booking an assessment on (08) 8223 6486 at your earliest convenience.

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