Simon Bowen CEO

Simon Bowen

Managing Director

Apart from a wealth of experience in his own 13 years and 9 months of recovery, Simon has Certificate IV’s in Alcohol and Other Drugs, Training and Assessment, and Business Management, is currently finishing his Diploma in Counselling. Simon has worked in the UK since 2008 in management posts in drug and alcohol rehabilitation services, and was an Admissions Manager for one of the UK’s largest private rehabilitation organisations, with over 350 beds nationally over 5 rehabs.

Justine Martin

Justine Martin

General Manager

Justine has a Bachelor of Psychological Science and a Certificate III in Community Services and Health. She has many years’ experience supporting people with a range of substance and behavioral addictions in both live-in rehabilitation treatment and community settings. Justine is passionate about helping people to achieve freedom from addiction and brings a wealth of personal experience and knowledge to her role.


Stella Swan

Addiction Counsellor

Stella Swan is another Masters in Counselling graduate from Tabor College. Stella is our one to one counsellor for a lot of our clients, and helps the client to have a more personal focus on their journey into their recovery. Affirmation work, inner-child work and many other useful techniques have enabled Stella to reach understanding with clients about their addiction, and enabled them to look at and change behaviours that enable their addiction.

Sian Snedden

Group Therapist

Sian Snedden is a skilled counsellor with more than ten years experience helping clients in the area of addiction. Originally from the UK, Sian has a background in film and theatre. These creative talents have recently led her to add art therapy to her counselling skills, having achieved a Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy in 2015. Sian has a client-centred holistic approach to therapy, incorporating spiritual aspects with her passion for meditation, mindfulness and self development. Narrative and Gestalt therapy techniques are predominant in her group therapy sessions. In her private practice, Sian works with individuals and small groups, helping clients with issues of mental health and addictions (including alcohol and other drugs, gambling and food addictions). Sian assists those that are not afraid to do the deeper work of which the Art Therapy is instrumental